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Your home is your castle. We make it a fortress against termites.

Mr Exterminator was established in 1995 by Glen Carlsson. Glen has been in the pest control industry for over a decade and has a Grade 3 licence. He is fully qualified with extenseive knowledge of pest control and building structures.

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Our Philosophy: We don't believe in fancy sales people, and therefore have lower overheads in order to give you a competitive price. You deal directly with us. We come out, inspect, quote and do the treatment. We take pride in our work and carry it out in accordance with Australian Standards.

Our Methods: We identify the termite species and try to locate them and destroy the colony. We eradicate the termites in your premises, and place termite monitoring stations for further termite activity.

Our termite treatment creates an invisible termite barrier, that will give you the peace of mind that comes only in knowing your investment has been protected professionally with the best termiticide treatment available.

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Some of our clients have included ...

Singapore Airlines
Spices Glenelg & Adelaide
Lantern Inn
Minda Incorporated
Fairview Property Management
Western Raine & Horne

Why We Use Biflex® To Protect Your Home

Only professional pest control managers have the experience, knowledge and access to quality products to protect your home from threat of termite infestation and serious structural damage. One of the tools we use to stop termites is a superior termiticide.

We've chosen FMC's Biflex over all the other termiticides because it combines powerful protection and environmental compatibility.

We have used:


We have found Biflex to be the best. It is long lasting, repelling - and it works!

Biflex is effective at low concentrations

Independent tests have shown that Biflex stops termites. We'd have to use at least ten to twenty times as much of some other termiticides to match the stopping power of Biflex. That's a powerful advantage we know you'll want.

Biflex keeps protecting longer

We want your home to have long-lasting protection, and Biflex delivers it. In CSIRO field trials in Australia as well as other global trials, Biflex has provided outstanding termite control, compared to competitive products. Professional use of the product has been similarly successful.

Biflex won't hang around in your home

Its active ingredient has very low volatility. That means you're not exposed to airborne residues after treatment and Biflex has very low odour compared to some other products.

When using Biflex we do not need to ask you to leave the comfort of your own home, nor do we need to ventilate your home to remove unwanted airborne residues.

You want termite protection to be as environmentally responsible as it is effective, and we agree. That's another reason why we've chosen Biflex from FMC as the best option.

Finally, Biflex can be safely used to create termite barriers around vegetables and fruit trees because of its non-systemic features.

Professional termite protection is your sensible only choice. As professionals, we have confidence in Biflex.

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Some Important Things You Should Know

  • As a home owner it is important that your home is thoroughly inspected at least every 12 months, so as to detect any bridging or breaks in the termite barrier.
  • Any improvements or repairs you make to your home that disturb the barrier need to be referred to the installer who originally installed the termite barrier. They can determine the need for reinstallation of the distubed barrier.
  • If you add any patios, pergolas, concrete paths (next to the footings), garages, carports or additional rooms, these areas must also be protected against termite attack.
  • Landscaping activities must not disturb the termite barrier. If disturbance does occur, then the barrier must be reinstalled.
  • Try to avoid using timber such as old railway sleepers in retaining walls or garden edges, unless an adequate barrier can be installed.
  • Termites love damp conditions: Promptly repair leaking taps, faulty air conditioning units, pool pump motors and faulty spouting and downpipes, to avoid areas of excessive moisture.
  • Installation of sprinkler systems close to footings, can disturb the barrier, and therefore a new termite barrier will need to be installed.
  • Avoid installing pergolas, fences or trellises that are in direct contact with both the soil and your home.
  • Do not change the soil level of your yard so that the level slopes back towards the home, creating damp conditions next to the footings.
  • Australian Standards AS 3600 Series applies to all aspects of termite control.

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