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Termites are as natural to the environment as the birds and bees ... but in YOUR HOME they cause massive structural damage which is both expensive to repair & disruptive to your lifestyle.

Biflex takes the worry out of termite problems ... with a little help from mother nature!

Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid modelled on mother nature's very effective insecticide 'pyrethrum' which is extracted from the Pyrethrum Daisy.

Other termiticides are classified as organophosphate or chloronicotinyl compounds.

Bilflex solves your termite problems in two ways: Not only does it work quickly to KILL ACTIVE TERMITES, it also creates an invisible protective barrier that surrounds your home to KEEP TERMITES OUT.

What exactly is involved?

Biflex is applied around external walls and footings in a variety of ways. It can, for example, be injected into the ground at small regular intervals, sometimes through footpaths, patios or pavers. However, it is now widely recognised, both here and in the US that the best, most effective form of protection, is trenching around your home.

This involves exposing the footings and removing potential problems like tree roots, clay or other debris, which can be hidden from view under footpaths, etc, and then treating a narrow trench. As the soil is replaced in the trench it is also treated creating a continuous protective barrier around your home.

How does it work?

During treatment, the trench is flooded with a large volume of liquid - the majority of this is water. In much the same way as you would take water with a headache tablet, the water is necessary to facilitate the distribution of the active ingredient in Biflex (bifenthrin), throughout the treated area.

Biflex has a very low dosage rate, which means that a Biflex treatment around your home, requires far less 'chemical' than other treatments. Even with the low dosage rate Biflex provides the longest protection period of any of the available termiticides. From an environmental standpoint, Biflex barriers are the perfect choice for keeping termites out of your home. Biflex is insoluble in the soil, so the barrier stays exactly where you need it and will not be leached away by rainfall or the watering of lawns and gardens.

Unlike some products, Biflex is non-systemic, which means that garden plants and other vegetation will not translocate the barrier away from the treated area where it is most needed.

How can I be sure?

FMC's strict international product stewardship program ensures that Biflex is manufactured in accordance with the hightest International and Australian specifications relating to termite control products. Biflex has been thoroughly tested in areas of severe termite pressure around Australia by independent termite specialists. Biflex has been approved by the National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Approval No. 491 75/0999), and complies with the requirements of Australian Standards AS 3660 Series.

Most importantly, Biflex brings real 'peace of mind' protection with the knowledge that it will not create health concerns for you, your family or your pets.

At FMC we appreciate that some people can be allergic to prescribed medication and/or a variety of household products such as washing detergents, paints, insecticides or even cosmetic items. We also recognise that personal medical conditions need to be taken into account at the time of termite control applications.

We would therefore recommend that you discuss any medical or allergic conditions with your termite specialist, or contact FMC's technical professionals for appropriate advice.

So what does this mean to me?

At FMC, our commitment, in partnership with your termite specialist, is to provide effective control of your termite problems, without disruption to your normal homelife and with the utmost consideration to you and the environment we share and enjoy with our family and friends. People who care choose Biflex.

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