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Glen Carlsson

Pest Control Operator's Licence - Grade 3
Licence Number: 2002-46968
Issued by the Department of Human Services
Licenced under the Controlled Substances (Pesticide) Regulations 1988 and is authorised to use:
Herbicides, Insecticides including Arsenic Trioxide, Rodenticides for:
Domestic and Industrial Pest Control

South Australian Health Commission
Environmental Health Branch - Scientific Officer
Approval to apply termiticides through holes drilled in suspended floors. Equipment and method of use approved.
This approval has been added to company licence and grade 3 operator licence

P P Tech Train
Certificate of course completion
Termite Inspection, Monitoring and Eradication

Biflex Provisional Applicator Number BPAN 1 SA

FMC Australia
Certificate of Attendance
FMC presentation relating to termite behaviour and termiticide application

Termi-Mesh Australia
Accredited installer of Termi-Mesh
Accreditation level 3 - Field experience - Local installation types.




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